What is Laminar Airflow?

In the world of cannabis and hemp drying, we often talk about airflow and how it affects your overall product during the dry cycle. One term that comes up, especially at a high quality top-tier level, is the term “laminar airflow”. For our cultivators that are more focused on flower than airflow – we understand we use highly specific drying terms and want to break down what sets laminar airflow apart from the basic industry standard dry room setup. 

In the dry cycle, airflow is incredibly important. Airflow determines how evenly the crop is dried as well as playing a significant role in the dwell time for the product to reach its desired moisture content. If the warm/dry air is distributed unevenly it can cause there to be dead pockets of moisture which will require longer dwell times to achieve consistent moisture content throughout your dry room. Conversely if the speed and temperature of the airflow is too high, cultivators can run the risk of damaging the overall aroma of the flower as trichomes and terpenes can be stripped from the flower. 

Small operators like at-home growers may use regular fans that you can find at big box stores, and some larger scale cultivators may utilize other commercial standing or mounted fans for drying. The issue with these kinds of fans is that they can often create turbulent airflow, which is not ideal for drying. With turbulent airflow, the air is moving across the flower with non-uniform distribution. Inconsistent airflow can create dead pockets of moisture which can cause your crop to have varying moisture contents towards the center of your room and dryer flowers on the outer edge nearest the fans. This causes elongated drying dwell times in order to get a consistent moisture with all the flower in the dry room as well as create conditions that have high-potential for bacteria and microbial growth to form. To combat this, Cann only utilizes laminar airflow components in all of our drying chambers and existing room setups. Laminar airflow means that the air is evenly distributed and consistent throughout the entire dry room and duration of the cycle. This protects your crop from unnecessary waste while simultaneously ensuring a gentle, consistent dry for every dry cycle. 

While laminar airflow is not industry standard yet, we stand behind its efficacy. Cann Drying Systems was founded by the same team that has worked in the lumber drying and food drying space for over forty years and have perfected the art of drying/dehydration. These decades of experience have been refined to support the unique needs of the cannabis industry and set future standards for the entire industry.

Ready to get ahead of the curve and shorten your dry cycle time while minimizing risk of product loss at the same time? Our team is ready to help you get to the next level for your cultivation and shorten your seed to sale cycle. Connect with us here and let us help elevate your drying chamber to save time, money, and labor.