What is 710?

While the true origins of 420 remain in contention in the high court of the cannabis community, 710 is a day dedicated to cannabis concentration like oil. ‘OIL’ upside down reads as ‘710’, and so cannabis oil is celebrated annually on July 10th. While the term and date are tied to “oil” in reference to cannabis oil and vape products, 7/10 is an all-encompassing celebration of cannabis extracts. 

On the retail end with dispensaries, shoppers are likely to see deals on vape cartridges and disposables, oils, and high terpene full spectrum extracts. As a community, we see a larger conversation about the art of extraction and what makes for great cannabis concentrate. 

When cultivators are growing specifically for extraction, it is common for us to see them focusing on drying faster, which means they are drying at temperatures around 85° F ( 29°C). This helps speed up the drying process while retaining precious terpenes (through recollection), which are commonly lost during a slower dry cycle. Cann Drying Systems offer a secondary revenue stream opportunity with the terpene recapture system in all chambers. This process retains the terpenes naturally lost as the plant ‘sweats’ during the dry cycle. These strain-specific full spectrum terpenes can be reintroduced in vape or oil products to drive specific flavors and user effects. To learn more, get connected with our team here

No matter how you celebrate, on behalf of the Cann team, we wish you a happy and safe 7/10!