Top Benefits of Sealed Cannabis Dry Rooms

Contamination can wreak havoc on cannabis post-harvest operations, leading to significant crop loss and reduced profitability. To mitigate these risks, many cannabis cultivators are turning to sealed dry room chambers which we have refined and perfected here at Cann Drying Systems.

According to Peter McGrath and MJBIZ Daily, “Even minor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and air filtration can significantly impact the quality and consistency of products, leading to significant losses in time as well as decreased output and revenue.”

Here are a few benefits of implementing these specialized cannabis and hemp dry and cure rooms in your cultivation operation:

Controlled Environment

Insulated, closed air-circuit dry rooms provide a controlled environment that allows cannabis plants to dry and cure evenly. This helps ensure a high-quality end product that is free of mold and other contaminants. Our laminar airflow technology maintains this even airflow so there are reduced risks of microclimate forming and ultimately leading to microbial growth and variation in product moisture.

Humidity Control

Controlling humidity levels is critical during the drying and curing process. Sealed dry room chambers use advanced technology to regulate humidity, ensuring that the cannabis plants dry and cure at the optimal rate. Control your entire dry and cure cycle with our Cann Dashboard where you can set recipes and time your burping schedule so nothing is left victim to human error.

Temperature Control

Temperature fluctuations can also impact the quality of the end product. Our sealed dry room chambers use advanced temperature control systems powered by the most advanced heat pump technology to maintain a consistent temperature that promotes proper drying and curing, while minimizing your energy bills and environmental impact.

Airflow Control

Proper airflow is essential to ensure even cannabis drying. Cann Drying Systems’ turnkey chambers use a specialized perforated baffle wall air handling system to ensure that air flows evenly throughout the room, preventing microclimates and other temperature and moisture driven concerns.

Increased Efficiency

By mitigating contamination and providing a controlled environment that utilizes purpose built components, our turnkey dry room chambers can help increase efficiency in post-harvest operations. This can lead to higher yields, less input costs, and increased profitability for cannabis cultivators.Check out our How It Works page to learn more about our innovative commercial cannabis equipment to decrease energy usage and manual labor while increasing product quality and consistency.