The Next Generation in Drying and Curing Systems

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The Next Generation in Drying and Curing Systems: Cann Systems LLC

Boulder, CO – August 23, 2017—Legalization of the cannabis and hemp industries has become a reality. They are turning quickly into multi-billion dollar industries in the US and several other countries. These emerging industries are generating business opportunities that are driving many companies to develop a whole new technical infrastructure. Newly developed equipment is giving growers the tools and information to create the best, most pure and potent products available to the consumer.

The industry has changed tremendously over the last several years. From the type of products, the purity content of thc and cannabinoids, the extraction methods for oils and concentrates, edibles to the genetics being produced. New technologies and equipment are available to help growers and processors create the best possible products.

One process which is commonly overlooked is that of Drying and Curing. Addressing issues such as contamination; moisture variations; keeping the oils preserved and basically “how to offer a product that is of consistent quality” is of highest priority. Preserving the integrity and potency thru the drying and curing process can enhance the flavor, improve the smell, assure the highest potency, maintain beautiful presentation and, one of the most critical aspects of the dry/cure, preserve the terpenes. Terpenes are extremely elusive and can begin to evaporate into the atmosphere upon drying/curing. Always properly drying and curing terpenes can boost the flower profiles immensely. A superior cure can also extend the life of the cannabis and hemp plant. To address this opportunity, a cutting edge new product has been launched for this process that is so important to the final product: Drying and curing your product correctly!

Cann Systems LLC introduces its new line of Cannabis and Hemp drying and curing equipment. Cann Systems is an innovative company bringing over 40 years of drying experience to the industry. Decades of drying experience developed in industries such as lumber, food and in recent years the health food industries and carefully adapted to the specific needs in the Cannabis and Hemp industries.

The Cann Systems drying and curing systems are energy efficient heat pump based dehydration systems including a closed chamber and a programmable computer control that allows one to precisely set a preferred drying curve and repeat it time after time for a high quality and consistent end product. All from the palm of your hand with a smartphone or tablet. From a portable one rack system to larger industrial equipment holding 48 racks or more, Cann Systems covers it all.

Throughout the country there has been an emergence of states going legal, generating many new products and businesses. However, in the drying/curing space of the industry we have seen very little advances. The process of growing has become more advanced and it’s all about the quality. However, if top quality is the mission then following up with a next generation drying/curing process has to be part of it.