Terp Talk: Common Terpenes in Cannabis

While many consumers shop based on THC % or by indica vs. sativa, the real star of the show when it comes to cannabis are terpenes. Terpenes are botanical components found in plant matter that drive both the scent and common effects in plants. Particularly, in cannabis, terpenes are very fragrant and can cause flower or extracts to change in both aroma and flavor as well as help drive human reaction to consuming that cannabis. There is a natural amount of terpenes that are lost during the drying cycle, however Cann has developed a terpene recapture system so that those terpenes are isolated and removed instead of dissipating and being lost forever. 

While there is a wide array of terpenes that may appear, there are select terpenes that often show up in cannabis. Some dispensaries do have terpene information readily available with the strain information or upon request with the strain’s testing information. In Nevada, for example, all strains are required to be presented with the top three prevalent terpenes listed with their percentage information. While not all dispensaries have terpene information readily available, some strains have commonly high levels of specific terpenes. However you are able to shop for cannabis, terpene knowledge is key for selecting your next favorite strain. 


Myrcene is one of the more common terpenes that shows up in cannabis and is often very pleasantly fruity and fragrant. Myrcene often also tends to help people relax or have calming properties. Traditionally indica-leaning strains often have high quantities of myrcene, such as OG Kush. 


Limonene can have a very specific fragrance that you can probably guess- citrusy or fruity! Acidic fruits such as limes and lemons also have limonene properties, just like some of your traditional sativa-leaning strains. Oftentimes, limonene has an energizing or awakening effect in users. Classic strains like Super Lemon Haze often are high in limonene levels. 


Strains like Girl Scout Cookies are often homes to humulene, our next strain on the list. Plants like sage often have humulene, which tends to have a peppery or woodsy scent. Some users have noted that humulene has helped them relax or suppress appetite. 


Pinene will make you feel like spending a day enjoying nature with its’ often naturally energizing and invigorating qualities. Staple strains like Jack Herer and Blue Dream commonly have healthy levels of pinene. Outside of cannabis, pinene can be found in Christmas trees or pine cones. This incredibly fragrant and pleasant strain is typically present when flower or concentrate smells like the great outdoors. 


Linalool is a terpene that is also found in lavender- so much so that it is one of the more relaxing and often sedative cannabis terpenes. As you can imagine, linalool can show up in more indica-heavy strains like Grandaddy Purple. 

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