Sustainable Advantages of Heat Pumps

In honor of International Earth Day we wanted to highlight how we strive for as much sustainability as possible within our product offerings. At the core of all of our drying chambers are dehumidification systems powered by heat pump technology – one of the most energy efficient methods for climate control in existence. When compared to other methods for drying – such as standard HVAC systems or other automated methods like microwave and freeze drying methods – heat pump climate control can be almost 50% more energy efficient in maintaining temperature and relative humidity of your dry room. Our heat pump technology also helps cultivators reduce dry times considerably (~50% reduction in drying dwell times on average compared to standard methods) while also saving operators money by having an extremely low long term cost of ownership/maintenance. 

Heat pump technology is an underutilized method for climate control but not a new technology by any means- it dates back to as early as the 1940’s in the United States. Heat pump technology, in fact, is commonly used as a means for heating & cooling single family homes and multifamily housing units. You might be wondering – how does a heat pump work and how exactly is it more efficient? Essentially, heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from cooler places and concentrate that heat to be focused on the desired area. Simply put, because heat pumps are ‘transferring’ warm air rather than ‘generating’ warm air they are able to maintain climate conditions more efficiently than other methods. As that climate controlled air is transferred into the drying chamber, we then direct that gentle air and distribute evenly using laminar airflow components to ensure consistent drying throughout the chamber. Our technology provides cultivators uniquely accurate control of both the temperature and humidity of the airflow going into the chamber – as well as the moisture that is removed from the flower. This method of managing temperature and humidity is also incredibly reliable and accurate, even under constant use. 

The basic mechanics of heat pump technology allow us to capture the moisture that comes off the plant material during the heat transfer process. As the moist air comes off the product it is moved over condensation coils that convert the moisture in the air back into a liquid state. With that moisture is the typical terpene content that produces that distinct order in a typical dry room in the industry today. Our system converts that moisture and terpene content (typically lost during any drying process) into a liquid that can then be collected and processed later on. This allows the cannabis cultivator to then later separate the terpene content from the water collected and utilize it in high value oils and concentrate products. Some amount of terpene loss is inevitable during the dry cycle, however other drying methods have no way to recapture these terpenes in their systems for use in end products. Our terpene recapture system keeps these terpenes from otherwise being pumped out of your building and annoying neighbors or attracting unwanted attention and security risks. 

Our attention to detail didn’t stop at reclaiming what was otherwise lost to the cycle, we also built out a remote control access system so that the dry cycle can be observed and adjusted from anywhere in the world. This feature saves the cultivator’s team the energy of doing dry cycle adjustments onsite. 

We at Cann found so many ways to build a dry chamber that is energy-efficient and effective while creating new opportunities for our cultivation partners. Not only is sustainability built into the DNA of our products- we live by it in our corporate headquarters. We installed solar panels to power our facilities to ensure we are as energy efficient as possible on our own campus and we hope to bring that same sense of sustainability to your campus. Our passion is to bring cultivators closer to their goals while maintaining top shelf quality with every crop cycle. With Cann Drying Systems, you are empowered to worry less and grow more. Contact us today!