Custom Solutions for Your Existing Dry Room

Every cultivation is based on fundamentally different methodologies when it comes to cannabis or hemp, and to accommodate those differing schools of thought Cann Drying Systems offers different drying solutions for all types of cultivators.  A new emphasis for Cann Drying Systems (CDS) in 2021 is the sale of drying components to retrofit existing dry rooms with the latest cutting-edge technology. Upgrading individual components allows CDS to help customers save money by continuing to use some of their associated equipment/space. We can provide a customized solution for a dry room retrofit by providing dehumidification units, laminar air-handling components, touch screen controls, racks and trays, and instruments.

What are the Components that CDS Offers to Retrofit a Dry Room?

CDS dehumidification units feature heat pump technology and are rated based upon water removal per hour – ranging from 10lbs/hour to 225lbs/hour – to meet the volume of the chamber or dry room they’ll service. Designed to be modular, customers can combine multiple units to achieve their drying needs based upon capacity requirements. The air handling gear consists of airflow equalization units, including perforated baffles, circulation fans with energy-efficient motors, and the ability to reverse airflow. The units are controlled via the PLC with an easy-to-use touchscreen enabling users to adjust temp, humidity, and airflow percentage. The control system is also accessible remotely from a phone, laptop, or tablet with historical data from batches available to review graphically or in raw data outputs. The accessories include rehydration units, tray rack or hanging cart options, and instrumentation such as temperature and humidity sensors and water activity meters.

A recent report by Cannabis Business Times summarized a survey of growers and highlighted how humidity control is a leading concern within a dry room. Many operations spend countless amounts of money on their cultivation and other processes and leave little investment left for the drying room. Many of the early dry rooms were installed using a grow room approach; separate, non-integrated units and controllers for dehumidification units, fans, and temperature. As their production expands, they begin to overload these basic dry room setups and begin experiencing quality and testing issues that stem from overpacking dry rooms and not having the dehumidification capacity to keep up. Many of these typical dry rooms are hooked into central air-conditioning ductwork that adjusts the temperature but often ends up combatting the independently operating dehumidification units. In this scenario, environmental conditions in the dry room can fluctuate significantly, allowing for microclimates to develop and for mold and bacteria to fester. 

We are able to solve this problem for growers with existing dry rooms by integrating and controlling their space and equipment with our suite of products. We can take an inconsistent dry room environment and give it the precision control it needs to ensure repeatable, quality with every batch. 

Whether you are retrofitting an existing dry room or building a new facility, Cann Drying Systems has a solution that will provide you with the ultimate control of the drying environment. Want to learn more about how Cann Drying Systems can help improve your existing dry room? Contact us for a free consultation.