Rolling Hang Drying Cart


Pipp’s mobile hanging carts come built with adjustable cantilever finger-style, stainless steel attachments set on 14″ gauge steel posts with antimicrobial and antibacterial coating finish. These hanging carts also allow the cultivator to adjust from 1-3 levels for custom configurations based on cross-section length & density.

Wet Capacity per Rack: 110-120 lbs (50-55 kg)



Rolling Hang Drying Cart is designed to accommodate hanging plants in order to dry them out for further processing. It has adjustable cantilever-style finger attachments which allow you to configure the cart as needed. The drying cart is an essential part of the cultivation process that can provide an increase in production and help streamline your workflow.

  • Product Dimensions: 65”H x 60”W x 24”D
  • 14-gauge steel posts and supports.
  • Finish – medium gray E-Coat finish.
  • Option to upgrade to anti-bacterial & anti-microbial white powder coating.
  • Adjustable hang attachments, carts can utilize 1-3 levels for hanging dry plants.
  • The hang attachment comes standard with 7 rods, which easily adjust along the support bracket.
  • The bottom shelf is a 1/4” HDPE plastic insert with a 1/4” lip on all four sides.
  • Cart has a 1,000 lbs weight capacity.
  • Product Weight: 116 lbs

Additional information

Weight 186 lbs
Dimensions 106 × 42 × 10 in