21″ DriFlower™ J-Hanger (Aluminum)



The DriFlower™ 21″ J-Hanger is the ultimate cannabis hanger, made to handle full loads in any HangHarvesting™ Rolling Dri-Rack. The hanger’s two-piece, dual-riveted aluminum construction makes it durable and built to last. The 21″ J-Hanger is easy to load/unload and to move and organize, making it perfect for heavy usage in commercial settings.


Wet Capacity per Hanger: ~ 4 lbs (~ 1.8 kg)




The 21″ J-Hanger features DriFlower™ proprietary stick-slot that is specifically designed to work with DriFlower™ HangHarvesting  Rolling Dri-Rack and hardware.

  • Laser-cut, two-piece aluminum construction
  • Precision stick-slot with a raised center for accurate balancing
  • Built-in handle for easy transport and organizing
  • Raised ridges and tip for secure hanging of flowers
  • Angled bend at hanger bottom for added strength and rigidity
  • Overall dimensions: 21″(L) x 8″(H) x 0.25″(W)