Auto-Cure Kit

Reduced Labor Needs

The optional automated powered venting system can be installed with your chamber setup to allow for automated “burping.” Gone are the days of having post-harvest staff babysitting buds and manually opening containers to exhaust excess moisture and carbon dioxide during the curing process.

Dual Filtered

Each power-vented auto-cure kit comes with a charcoal filtered exhaust vent to mitigate smell and a 0.3 micron HEPA filtered intake vent to ensure ambient air entering the curing chamber is 99% free of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any other airborne particles.

Customized Burping Schedules

Easily set schedules on the touchscreen PLC or remote controls that let you determine the duration and interval at which your precious cannabis flower is burped. Whether you prefer to burp twice per day for 30 minutes or four times per day for 15 minutes – we got you covered!

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UV-C Airflow & Coil Sanitation

Airflow Sanitation

Our sealed chambers and modular installs can be made with a noninvasive, chemical-free airflow sanitation system to continuously disinfect up to 99% of airborne powdery mildew, mold, and bacteria every hour. UV light is isolated to the plenum airflow space in the chamber and never comes in contact with the cannabis flower.

Self-Cleaning Evaporator Coils

Each of our heat-pump dehumidification systems can be made with a UV-C evaporator coil disinfection system to rid the evaporator coils of any biofilm that may build up during the drying process allowing for improved overall air handler energy efficiency.

Proven Effectiveness

Both airflow and coil sanitation systems are tested by the U.S. EPA and Homeland Security for Biological Inactivation Efficiency by HVAC In-Duct Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners to achieve up to 99.9% disinfection on one pass inactivation.

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Airflow Sanitation
Airflow Sanitation

On-Plant Moisture Sensors from Growvera

Multi-Location Measurements

It’s difficult to accurately represent the average moisture content of an entire drying operation via just a few stem snaps. Growvera’s sensors are attached to drying product at various locations in your dry room or chamber, allowing a comprehensive understanding of the state your dry room in a snap.

Non-Destructive Moisture Data

Single-point measurements at the end of a dry bring the risk of reduced profit and product quality should you miss your moisture target. Growvera sensors combined with a Cann Drying chamber or modular install stops the drying guessing game via real-time measurements throughout your dry, enabling you to seamlessly estimate moisture content from start to finish.

Integrated for Remote Monitoring

Hit your target moisture content from the comfort of your home or office. We outfit all of our drying chambers and modular installations with Growvera’s wireless sensor technology, allowing you to continuously and non-destructively measure remaining moisture content of your drying product without ever having to enter your dry room or touch your cannabis during the dry.

Pro-Active Alerts & Cycle End Timers

With real-time monitoring comes real-time alerts. Growvera sensors help to create a comprehensive understanding of dry room conditions, allowing you to discover and address dry room concerns before they become catastrophes.

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Hanging Racks

Cantilever Finger-Style Rolling Carts from Pipp Horticulture

Pipp’s mobile hanging carts come built with adjustable cantilever finger-style, stainless steel attachments set on 14″ gauge steel posts with antimicrobial and antibacterial coating finish. These hanging carts also allow the cultivator to adjust from 1-3 levels for custom configurations based on cross-section length & density.

Dimensions: 66”H x 60”W x 24”D

Wet Capacity per Rack: 110-120lbs (50-55kg)

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Removable HangHarvesting™ Rolling Dri-Racks from DriFlower

These custom-sized hanger-style rolling dri-racks from DriFlower are made for Cann’s complete chambers. Removable hangers are available in 27″ length (~4lb Wet Capacity) and 41″ length (~9lb Wet Capacity) and are available in aluminum, 304 food-grade stainless, or 316 pharma-grade stainless steel finish. Each rolling Dri-Rack can support a total of 12 removable hangers for easy movement and overall streamlined processing.

Dri-Rack Dimensions 27″Hanger: 71″H x 28″W x 22″D

Dri-Rack Dimensions 41″-Hanger: 71″H x 46″W x 42″D

Wet Capacity per 27″-Hanger Rolling Dri-Rack: ~50lbs (22.7kg)

Wet Capacity per 41″-Hanger Rolling Dri-Rack: ~110lbs (50kg)

41″ Hanger
Rolling Wheels
21″ Hanger
Removable Design

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Tray Racks

Anti-Microbial WavDri Tray Carts from Metro

WavDri is a cannabis drying tray designed to maximize efficiency with better airflow with the patent-pending clamshell rotation feature allows you to quickly rotate the flower. Features such as a lightweight material, rotation indicator and Microban antimicrobial product protection make this FDA-approved food-grade polymer drying tray ideal for cannabis cultivators. Each 304 stainless steel rolling cart can accommodate 20 WavDri trays with 3″ wire spacing between each tray.

Rolling Rack Dimensions: 69″H x 21.75″W x 27″D

(20-Tray) Rolling Rack Wet-Capacity: ~50lbs (22.7kg)

WavDri Tray Dimensions: 18″W x 26″L

(1) WavDri Tray Wet-Capacity: ~2.5lbs (1.1kg)

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Stainless Steel Tray Carts

Cann offers corrosion-resistant, 5mm perforated trays for cultivators operating in high-regulated markets. Trays are available in 304 food-grade or 316 pharma-grade stainless steel finish, outfitted on industrial grade casters ensuring free and easy movement of racks.

Rolling Rack Dimensions: 69″H x 20.5″W X 26″D

(20-Tray) Rolling Rack Wet-Capacity: ~50lbs (22.7kg)

Tray Dimensions: 18″W x 26″L

Tray Wet-Capacity: ~2.5 lbs (1.1kg)

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