Invest in Automation During Economic Hardship

During times of economic hardship, smart cannabis and hemp businesses are looking for ways to optimize their operations and reduce costs while maintaining high-quality standards. One area of the cannabis industry where investments can be particularly impactful is in automated drying and curing chambers. Investing in these systems can reduce the need for manual labor, lower expenses associated with employee turnover, and future-proof your business by keeping up with the evolving GMP standards.


Automated drying and curing systems reduce the need for manual labor. This reduces labor costs, lowers the risk of microbial testing failures, and increases the consistency and quality of the final product. It also ensures that your operations are in line with GMP standards that require minimal human contact with cannabis during post harvest operations like drying and curing.


One of our recent partners, Kaua’i Hemp Company was able to significantly reduce manual labor staff while increasing productivity and product throughput. Jacob Cook, head grower at Kaua’i mentioned that Cann Drying Systems significantly cut back on their labor costs. “Instead of having a crew of 10, 15, 20 people hanging thousands of pounds of hemp, we can do it with a crew of 7 in a timely manner.” 

Lower Expenses

Cann’s automated drying & curing solution can also lower expenses associated with employee turnover. This is a critical issue in the cannabis industry, where manual labor is often low-paying and physically demanding. The NCIA, the National Cannabis Industry Association recently wrote that the “cannabis industry has a higher employee turnover rate at 40%-60% within the first 2 months. By investing in automated systems, businesses can reduce the need for manual labor between the drying and curing steps, reducing employee turnover, and the cost of hiring and training new staff.

Investing in automated drying equipment also future-proofs your business by keeping up with the evolving domestic and international GMP standards. These standards require the implementation of costly pharmaceutical-grade facility and process upgrades that (once required after federal regulation) will create undue hardship for many cannabis operators. Cann’s commercial turnkey chambers provide a low-cost automated solution that will put your operation ahead of the curve and ready for impending regulatory changes. 

Upwise Capital

To make these investments, businesses can utilize financing options like our partnership with Upwise Capital. These financing options make it possible to order commercial cannabis drying equipment while conserving precious cash flow.. By leveraging financing, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of automated commercial dryers without negatively impacting their cash flow.

Investing in automated drying and curing systems is a smart move for businesses in the cannabis and hemp industry. By reducing manual labor, lowering employee turnover expenses, and staying ahead of GMP standards, businesses can position themselves for long-term success.

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