Improving Quality and Efficiency: Medical Saints


Medical Saints is a leading cannabis producer in Toronto, Canada. The company grows and distributes medical-grade cannabis and hemp products. Medical Saints recently installed (5) CDS-225 drying systems from Cann Drying Systems. These systems are helping Medical Saints improve the quality, consistency, and efficiency of its drying process.

Our content team recently took a trip up north to capture imagery and video to showcase how our CDS 225 commercial cannabis dryers are driving the improvements listed below:

Improving Quality

The CDS-225 drying system uses a laminar airflow system. Laminar airflow ensures that every corner of the chamber and all cannabis material are exposed to the same environmental conditions. This results in a higher-quality product with a more potent and flavorful profile while eliminating the chance of microbial contamination. Paul Gri, President at Medical Saints told us, “I honestly don’t know of another system that’s going to handle the flower appropriately or gently as Cann Systems.”

Increasing Consistency

The CDS-225 drying systems are also helping Medical Saints to achieve greater consistency in its product. The systems are programmed with a precise drying profile through our Cann Dashboard, which ensures that every batch of cannabis is dried to the correct specifications per strain, and desired end product. Cole Williams, Head of Cultivation at Medical Saints, writes “What’s really nice about the system itself is that you’re able to really pinpoint the drying profile and how long it takes to dry. So whether it’s a kind of slower 14 day dry, or if you need things done a little bit faster, it’s able to do so.” This consistency is important for Medical Saints, as it allows the company to provide its customers with a reliable and predictable product.

Reducing Labor

The CDS-225 drying systems are also reducing the amount of manual labor required for the drying process. This frees up Medical Saints’ staff to focus on other tasks, such as cultivation and production or new product development.

Cole Williams, Head of Cultivation at Medical Saints, states:

“We run an extremely high-tech facility here and we want to make sure things are extremely efficient. We grow some of the great cannabis in the world, and we feel that Cann Systems really reflects what we do here as a business. It is extremely high tech and creates extremely high quality product.”

Transform the art of drying to a science with Cann Drying Systems

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