How To Reuse Terpenes in Vape Oil

Since the mass legalization movement of both medical and recreational cannabis across the world, consumers, creators, and cultivators have seen incredible advancements in cannabis consumption. One of the most popularized modern ways of consuming is via vaping cannabis oil; and in particular, high terpene full spectrum extract.  Cannabis oil cartridges or disposable devices are derived from cannabis concentrates that are heated up by portable batteries and consumed more discreetly than combustible flower. These most often come in 510 threaded cartridges or individual disposable devices that are to be disposed of once they are fully consumed. Some companies, such as PAX or Airo Pro, have developed their own proprietary cartridges that can only be consumed with their unique battery devices. As this channel of the market expands, we are seeing vape products consistently becoming a mainstay in the market share of marijuana. A report from Flowhub in 2020 showed that vape sales consistently hovered around 25% of all cannabis sales month over month. 

Dispensaries often cater to cannabis users looking for a specific kind of relief or effect when they consume cannabis. Anecdotally, one of the most common requests from consumers are products for sleep specifically. We see this in mainstream media as well, with outlets such as WebMD, Healthline, and even Forbes publishing stories about cannabis use and promoting sleep. While it’s clear that cannabis effectiveness will vary person to person, it is truly becoming an option for those who may have been opposed to using cannabis recreationally in other situations. 

Aside from seeking specifically sleep inducing strains, consumers and budtenders are becoming more and more educated on terpenes and how terpenes drive the effect of consuming cannabis. Terpenes such as myrcene are commonly sought out in high quantities not only for its flavor but its often calming effect. Even less common but also highly sought after is linalool – the lavender-based terpene that anecdotally keeps many consumers pleasantly relaxed. These liquid terpenes can be like liquid gold for affect-based vape brands looking to fill that specific gap in the market and become the go-to product for budtenders pairing a guest with their new favorite cannabis product. Conversely, terpenes like pinene can provide a fresh botanical flavor with an energizing effect often used by creatives or users who like to amplify workouts with cannabis products. 

While these terpenes are (of course) naturally found in cannabis flower, they are often partially lost in the industry standard drying process. As cannabis flower is dried out to become combustible, terpenes in their natural form evaporate right out of the plant matter, dissipating into the air never to be seen again. While most cultivators write off this loss as a natural forfeiture, Cann Systems’ innovative drying method is able to take advantage of this natural process and turn it into an opportunity to recapture these precious terpenes for reuse. As the flower moisture is gently removed from the drying chamber via laminar air flow (which helps avoid the formation of dead pockets of moisture and provide conditions for an even, consistent dry), the terpene-rich water vapor is converted to a liquid and collected rather than pumped out of the building via an HVAC system. This allows the cultivator to harvest what terpene content would have been lost during any standard drying process to be later used for high-value concentrate and vape products. In essence, Cann System’s method for drying is another way for extraction-focused cultivators to create more of the high-terpene content extract products that are commonly derived from fresh frozen techniques.

With a Cann Drying System your crop won’t drop the ball on terpenes! Want to learn more? Click here to connect with our team today.