How to Avoid Trichome Loss in Cannabis

In the cannabis industry, trichomes are a year-round focus, and for good reason. Trichomes are the sticky glandular mushroom-shaped heads that protect the plant’s terpenes and overall integrity, and they’re crucial to the quality of the flower. While trichomes are found on many plants, they’re fragile and often lost during the process of preparing cannabis for consumption.

Excessive handling of cannabis is one of the biggest causes of trichome degradation. Trichomes can easily fall off during hanging, pulling down, trimming, and curing, which can significantly reduce the overall quality of the product. However, with Cann’s Auto-Cure feature, trichomes can be kept in place.

Our optional exhaust damper/fan system converts our sealed drying chambers into a climate-controlled curing box, keeping the dry cycle and cure cycle completely hands-off. This ensures that the trichomes remain intact, retaining the quality of the cannabis more effectively than any other method.

Moreover, our chambers utilize only gentle and even airflow to prevent trichome loss. Many other drying methods use turbulent airflow that can create dead spaces and unevenly dry or damage the flower. Our laminar airflow provides an even distribution, preserving the natural botanical qualities of the cannabis and preventing the formation of contaminants or bacteria.

Our Auto-Cure feature is finely tuned via heat pumps, an energy-efficient method of accurately controlling humidity and temperature in both the drying and auto-cure cycle. If you’re interested in learning more about our Auto-Cure feature, connect with our team here to discover how we can help you preserve your plant throughout the processing cycle.