How Reliable is a Cann Drying System?

With so many variables in cannabis cultivation, especially when it comes to using a cannabis dryer, it can be difficult to anticipate or rely on any of your standard operating procedures to hold up with any consistency. Cultivators may have dozens of different strains in production, each having varying needs that must be tended to at various stages of the plant’s life cycle. Couple these various care needs with external factors such as seasonality, human error, labor constraints, etc – and it can be difficult to develop standard production procedures that are efficient, repeatable, and reliable.

As a subsidiary of Nyle, a drying industry leader with a forty-year history of refining the drying process with energy-efficient solutions, Cann Drying Systems was founded in direct response to the specific needs of the cannabis industry. With decades of experience to reference, Cann has brought to market a line of climate controlled chambers suitable for any sized cultivators – from boutique to large scale operations. Our commercial cannabis drying chambers are built to sustain and support growth for large scale cannabis producers. 

In a recent interview with Food & Beverage Technology Review, CEO of Cann, Ton Mathissen states, “Whether it is cold and dry outside or warm and humid outside, it doesn’t matter to our clients. They are able to dry the exact same way, consistently, batch after batch over the course of the year. We provide the tools in an enclosed and controlled environment where clients can be consistent with their product quality.” To read the full article, click here

Our focus on reliability pays off for our partners immediately and long after ROI has been achieved. With reliable, user-friendly machinery, our partners are able to expedite their seed to shelf post-harvest process by reducing many inefficiencies in the drying process and subsequently eliminating the opportunity for crop contamination to develop in this vulnerable stage of the cannabis life cycle. Cann’s heat pump-based technology precisely manages temperature, humidity, and airflow distribution in the dry and cure cycle to ensure a higher quality product with every batch. 

Cann’s Drying Systems are reliable, built to last, and produce consistent high-quality cannabis consistently. We are able to identify how to maximize cannabinoid, terpene, and trichome retention with every cannabis drying cycle. 

Transforming an art to a science.

Read more about our systems in the F&B Tech Review article here and connect with our team for a free quote right here.