GMP & CE Process Validation

Cann Drying Systems comes from a 40-year long legacy of exemplary work in the drying space, and with that comes intimate knowledge of ensuring that the drying machinery and its components are universally safe to use. While we do our own meticulous work on ensuring our products are user friendly and above all safe, we also follow all GMP and CE guidelines that are relevant in most of North America, South America, and Europe to ensure our products are compliant with all regional guidelines. In addition to our efforts on overall guidelines for safety, we also support our cultivation partners with a GMP documentation packet that includes things such as production and shipment acceptance testing, numerous SOPs, and training documentation. Our partners can rest assured that our equipment will fit into their GMP processes and that they are well equipped and trained not only on the operation of the equipment but also on how to properly maintain them over time after numerous batches.

Cann Drying Systems is not a newcomer to manufacturing drying equipment for GMP environments. Our parent company, Nyle Systems, has specialized in lumber drying and commercial food drying for over four decades. Cann has taken those processes and lessons learned and applied them to our cannabis systems that we manufacture – with the safety of our machines being our primary concerns. Within the relatively young world of commercial cannabis and hemp, our high standards for quality and safety are a unique advantage we are privileged and proud to bring to our customers and the cannabis market as a whole.

In North America, GMP compliance means “Good Manufacturing Process” which is essentially that a piece of machinery is safe within the confines of how it is installed and utilized within an industrial facility. The European and South American equivalent is CE compliance, short for “Conformite Europeenne” (a French term meaning European Conformity) and is a very similar equivalent. Some differences vary by region but essentially hold true to the same thesis – that a facility is utilizing machinery that is both safe for employees and safe for the intended end user. Cann’s equipment is made with the highest quality food-grade components to ensure that whether your operation is holding itself to a food or pharmaceutical standard – our equipment will not be a cause for concern should regulators request to inspect your facility. Compliance to both standards ensures that no matter where in the world a cultivator is seeking to automate their drying process, our products are a safe choice in any region. 

Our products aren’t just compliant with local safety regulations, they also come with a bank of resources in terms of education and support. After we establish a partnership with a cultivator, all chambers are delivered with a GMP documentation packet that includes safety information, production acceptance checklists, pre-shipping acceptance, complete components list, tools list, installation & training manuals, and resources for troubleshooting and maintenance. Outside of the packet, Cann also supports a training process for a point person(s) from the cultivation’s in-house team. This training includes establishing and training a specific point person as their on-site expert for maintenance, installation, as well as how to operate the machine safely. By the time the machine is up and running its first dry cycle, the on-the-ground team are experts in utilizing their Cann Drying System. 

While the cannabis and hemp industries are still emerging and determining best practices, Cann is utilizing tested, tried-and-true methods of safety and best practices for all of our equipment. As the industry continues to establish best practices overall and solidifies industry standards, we stand by our products being ahead of the curve worldwide. We stand by our equipment being GMP and CE compliant and ensure that our products will never stand in the way of a GMP or CE certification for any of our cultivators and their facilities. Not only are our products safe to use, but our team will also ensure our products are easy for your team to use as well. Cann is not just a provider of products, we are a partner. Let’s talk today, contact us here