Eco Friendly Cannabis Dryers

On this Earth Day, it’s important to reflect on our impact on the environment and seek out ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The cannabis industry has always been under scrutiny for the excess energy and waste utilized across all sectors of the space. At Cann Drying Systems we take this to heart and even primarily power or production facility in Brewer, Maine with solar panels that you can see in the video on our Story page.

However, innovative technologies like Cann Drying Systems’ turnkey chambers are emerging to reduce energy usage and promote sustainability.

Traditional cannabis dry rooms consume a significant amount of energy, often relying on a patchwork of dehumidifiers, AC units, fans, humidifiers, etc.,  to dry the product. This process not only inefficient and consumes excessive amounts of energy but can also result in inconsistent moisture contents and reduced product quality. However, Cann Drying Systems offers a more efficient and sustainable commercial cannabis drying solution.

At real-life drying conditions of 65 F and 55% RH, our turnkey chamber systems have been tested to remove 9.5 to 13 pints of water per kWh of energy usage on average. This represents a 50%+ reduction in energy usage compared to standard cannabis dry rooms and other drying technologies. The total power draw for Cann Drying Systems’ turnkey chambers average 11 kWh on a CDS-10 to 200 kWh on a CDS-225, including the DH unit, fans, controls, and sensors required for a precision  dry cycle.

This reduction in energy usage not only benefits the environment but also reduces operational costs for cannabis businesses. By utilizing Cann Drying System’s turnkey chambers and custom solutions, operations can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability while maintaining high-quality products. These commercial cannabis drying systems also offer consistent drying and curing, resulting in a higher quality product and increased efficiency.

Cann Drying System’s turnkey chambers are an innovative and sustainable solution for the cannabis industry’s post-harvest process. 

As we celebrate Earth Day, it’s essential to consider the impact of our actions on the environment and seek out solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. By adopting sustainable technologies like turnkey chamber systems, we can promote sustainability and build a more eco-friendly future.

Learn more about our efficient drying chambers on our How It Works page.

Happy Earth Day!