Cut the Crop (Loss)

The recent news that Canada has destroyed a record number of cannabis product in 2021 highlights the ongoing challenges facing the legal cannabis market. High Times’ recent piece on this challenge breaks down the collective issues for both unpackaged and packaged goods facing destruction and recalls. 

“For the first time since Heath Canada began tracking it after legalization, they report that over a quarter of their domestic cannabis crop was destroyed in 2021. Over 425 million grams, a full 26% of the unpackaged dried flower produced last year was destroyed, along with all the resources that went into growing it, leading to an environmental nightmare for a supposedly green industry.” – Mitchell Colbert

One major issue is the significant amount of wasted product and energy due to inefficient drying and curing processes. To mitigate these problems, the industry needs to focus on innovation throughout post-harvest. By developing more advanced drying and curing technologies, like our heat pump climate control drying and curing systems, the industry can reduce waste, improve product quality, and create a more sustainable cannabis market. 

This requires a collaborative effort between cultivators, technology developers, cannabis drying equipment, and policymakers to ensure that the industry can thrive while minimizing its environmental impact. As the cannabis market continues to grow and evolve, it is crucial that we prioritize innovation and sustainability to create a healthier and more efficient industry for everyone involved. 

So what’s the solution?

Cann Drying Systems.


Our extremely efficient cannabis drying systems, both (2x-3x) turnkey chambers and custom built solutions ensure a consistent and precise environment for cannabis to dry and cure, leading to a high quality product that meets, and exceeds, desired specifications for both cultivators and consumers. By reducing variability in your cannabis drying room system, Cann Drying Systems helps producers save time and money. We are also GMP Compliant so you can focus on bringing the rest of your center up to standard without stressing about your dry room.

Connect with our team today to learn more about how we can assist your operation in reducing waste and increasing product quality.