Case Studies

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Christina Lake Cannabis

“The biggest [benefit] with bringing in Cann Systems is how much product we can dry through the dryers. That’s really the financial benefit.”

“The fact we planted 20 acres and 22,500 plants and we took in 20 acres and 22,500 plants. The dryers actually exceeded what they were specified for.”

– Nico DeHaan, Christina Lake Cannabis

“With the [Cann Drying] system, we can catch very large amounts of very high-quality terpenes.”

“Very few, if any,

have the scale of the amount of terpenes that these things [Cann Systems’ products] have the ability to capture.”

– Nico DeHaan, Christina Lake Cannabis

Kaua’i Hemp Co

[Cann Drying System] cuts back on the labor costs. Instead of having to have 10, 15, 20 people hanging thousands of pounds of hemp, we can do it in a timely manner with a crew of seven people. “

“Problems prior to having this machine was the bottlenecking of the process. We would have to wait so much longer to get product, but then in that time that we were waiting for it, a lot of this powdery mildew, mold came into play and it just degraded our product. Having the Cann Drying System allows us to still have that top notch product and not have to worry about it.”

– Jacob Cook, Kaua’i Hemp Co

“We can typically put about 1,500 pounds of biomass into the dryer at once. “

“We’ll lay it all out, put it in the dryer, set it for 18 to 20 hours. Usually it sits at about 90% humidity right off the bat. And we come back 18, 20 hours later and the [Cann Drying System chamber] is sitting at about 15-20% humidity.”

-Jacob Cook, Kaua’i Hemp Co

“Some unexpected benefits that we’ve experienced with this machine is we are able to capture the terpenes and we’d like to incorporate that into our products moving forward.”

“It’s a no fuss system set it and forget it with great results.”

– Judiah McRoberts, Kaua’i Hemp Co

Consistent Reliability.

“One of the main reasons why we chose the Cann Drying System is its reliability. We are located out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean… so having a system that we can rely on time and time again is vital for our operation.”

– Judiah McRoberts, Kaua’i Hemp Co

High Quality Product.

“Still have that top notch product… Having [Cann drying systems] simplifies everything and makes it so much more manageable to scale up.”

– Jacob Cook, Kaua’i Hemp Co

Efficacy with Every Run.

“Cann Drying Systems has been integral into our production. Some of the benefits of the Cann Drying System is it’s able to bring the relative humidity of our hemp down from about 80% to 15% in 18 hours.”

– Judiah McRoberts, Kaua’i Hemp Co