Cann’s Recent Canadian Expansion

Cann Drying System is proud to now be the go-to drying chamber solution for a new partner in the beautiful country of Canada. We have recently installed five of our CDS 225 drying chambers to two different locations in Ontario, Canada for Medical Saints. The CDS 225 is our largest system; the 138 rack chamber dries up to 7,600 lbs (3,450 kg) of wet material per batch. The system is engineered to dry at temperatures as low as 60 degrees F in order to preserve terpenes, cannabinoids, trichomes, and overall maximize the botanical qualities of the flower.

All our machines and sourced 3rd party ancillary components are designed to food-grade standards. We have completed a GMP design and safety risk assessment by a 3rd party in which we received a final report of suitability for operation in a cGMP environment. Our equipment undergoes thorough production inspection & testing acceptance procedures as well as inspection prior to shipment.

We are proud to add another incredible partner to our roster of current drying partners and make our mark in the Canadian cannabis industry. To learn more about the chambers we offer worldwide, click here. To connect with our team and begin the process of a more efficient dry cycle, click here

Transforming an art to a science.