Cannabis Innovations

One of the most incredible elements of the cannabis industry as we know it is the sheer number of innovators in the space. From walking the floor at the latest cannabis convention to scrolling through #cannabiz on social media, it seems that at every turn there is a group looking to make your cannabis cultivation a more seamless process. While sometimes the options may be overwhelming, here at Cann we celebrate the innovation that has brought our products to the forefront of the conversation as well as the tenured learning that we bring to the space. Cann’s drying systems were built from the ground up based on our 40+ years of experience in the business of dehydration for the organic foods and lumber industries and applied those lessons learned to the unique needs of cannabis cultivators. Here we’re going to cover some of the innovations we made by listening to the pain points of cannabis growers and developing unique ways to elevate the drying and curing aspects of the post-harvest process.

Terpene Capture

As the cannabis consumer becomes more educated, THC percentages take a backseat to terpenes. Terpenes are rapidly becoming one of the main factors consumers take into account as they look at flower and concentrates as they are often the major drivers behind the flavor, scent, and effect of the cannabis products. Unfortunately, terpene content is typically affected during the dry cycle as moisture is pulled from the flower. We saw this as an opportunity to recapture these precious terpenes for our cultivators and developed a method for drying that can capture evaporated terpene content. The ability to capture terpene content during the dry cycle is something that comes standard in Cann Drying System’s entire line of CDS chamber units as well as our modular component installations into existing dry rooms.

Closed-Loop Chamber Drying

While traditional dry rooms in the cannabis industry utilize HVAC, ductwork, and basic fans to maintain proper environmental conditions for drying, we meticulously built a sealed chamber system that filters circulated air to keep potential contaminants from entering the chamber. Our closed-loop system utilizes laminar airflow distribution components to eliminate those dreaded moisture dead pockets from forming – which speeds up the drying process and provides for a more evenly distributed and gentle dry. We are proud to bring our 40+ years of experience in the business of drying to the cannabis industry and help deliver best-in-class practices for an even, consistent dry cycle.

Auto-Cure Kit

One major hurdle for cultivators, particularly newer cultivation groups in cannabis, is labor efficiency. Keeping your seed to sale cycle streamlined has the opportunity to be a tricky task, so we looked for ways to maximize existing space and minimize potential unnecessary handling of product and labor requirements. Our auto-cure kit allows cultivators to utilize their existing drying chamber to double as a curing chamber as well. During the cure step, an automated filtered vent system exchanges the air contents of the chamber, mimicking what is typically known in the industry as the “burping” process. This greatly reduces the need for manual labor and time spent tending to the product during this phase of the post-harvest process.

Remote Access Controls

In addition to freeing up labor to be diverted into other post-harvest steps, our systems utilize remote technology to keep cultivators in control of their crop no matter where in the world they may be. Our systems connect to a remote control hub that can be accessed by any desktop, tablet, or smartphone to ensure precision control over the temperature, humidity and air speed of your dry/cure chamber. Our intuitive interface keeps you in control of your cycles so you can worry less and grow more. 

This is just a sampling of how Cann has innovated the drying and curing cycle to not only be effective, but also elevate how much these production steps can provide. Our chambers and features deliver reliable results that reduce dwell time by up to 50%, increase energy efficiency by up to 50%, and consistently avoid dead pockets of moisture to process top tier flower with every chamber cycle.

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