Cannabis Business Times: 4 Questions with Cann Drying Systems’ Sam Ouellette: Drying Solutions

Full Article July 6, 2022 1. Of all the steps involved in cannabis production, what makes drying and curing so important? Drying and curing can truly make or break the quality of your product. An operation may do a terrific job of feeding, watering, and ensuring your plants grow to their absolute healthiest during cultivation, […]

What is 710?

While the true origins of 420 remain in contention in the high court of the cannabis community, 710 is a day dedicated to cannabis concentration like oil. ‘OIL’ upside down reads as ‘710’, and so cannabis oil is celebrated annually on July 10th. While the term and date are tied to “oil” in reference to […]

Cannabis Tech: 7 Curing Technologies Solutions for Better Cannabis

Full Article June 11, 2022 Curing cannabis can be a logistic nightmare for both hemp and marijuana growers. But these seven companies are yielding a better experience for both growers and consumers. Curing is a process that has been used for millennia to preserve meats and plants, often with the use of salt or sugar to […]

Avoiding Crop Contamination

As cannabis evolves for mass consumption, one major factor for cultivators, consumers, and retailers is cannabis quality in terms of testing. We’re talking about more than just THC and terpenes – although those are incredibly important. Today we’re discussing the ever-important world of cannabis contaminants, and more specifically how to avoid them. A majority of […]

How To Reuse Terpenes in Vape Oil

Since the mass legalization movement of both medical and recreational cannabis across the world, consumers, creators, and cultivators have seen incredible advancements in cannabis consumption. One of the most popularized modern ways of consuming is via vaping cannabis oil; and in particular, high terpene full spectrum extract.  Cannabis oil cartridges or disposable devices are derived […]

Clones vs. Seeds

Consistency during all stages of production is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty in the cannabis industry. Clones are a perfect example of consistency, which is why many large scale growers utilize clones over seeds. Utilizing established genetics not only saves time, but supports brand identity by establishing signature strains from the […]

Custom Solutions for Your Existing Dry Room

Every cultivation is based on fundamentally different methodologies when it comes to cannabis or hemp, and to accommodate those differing schools of thought Cann Drying Systems offers different drying solutions for all types of cultivators.  A new emphasis for Cann Drying Systems (CDS) in 2021 is the sale of drying components to retrofit existing dry […]