Top 4 Ways Cann’s Drying System Can Improve Your Bottomline

Cann Drying Systems is a subsidiary of Nyle Systems – bringing over four decades of experience in the lumber and commercial food drying space and tailoring those lessons learned to the specific needs of the cannabis industry. With that incredible base of knowledge comes a knack for driving innovation. We’ve developed an eye for efficiency […]

How to Avoid Trichome Loss in Cannabis

In the cannabis industry, trichomes are a year-round focus, and for good reason. Trichomes are the sticky glandular mushroom-shaped heads that protect the plant’s terpenes and overall integrity, and they’re crucial to the quality of the flower. While trichomes are found on many plants, they’re fragile and often lost during the process of preparing cannabis […]

Food & Beverage Technology Review: Cann Drying Systems: Modernizing Conventional Methods for Efficient Drying Operations

Full article available here. TOP 10 SOLUTIONS PROVIDERS – 2022  Though for centuries it has been widely believed that ‘change is the only constant,’ the fact that humans  are hardwired to resist change is also a prevalent  notion. Business leaders are often reluctant to introduce significant changes in their organizations because  they either lack the experience of […]

Market Watch: Marijuana Drying and Curing Equipment Market by Service Type, Device Type, Technology, Application and is Estimated to Gain the Value of USD 162.08 Million by 2029

Full Article Aug. 1, 2022 at 11:22 a.m. ET Data Bridge Market research has recently published the comprehensive business research on “Marijuana Drying and Curing Equipment Market” includes historic data, present market trends, future product environment, marketing strategies, emerging trends or opportunities, and the technical progress in the related industry. Marijuana Drying and Curing Equipment business report […]

Microbial Driven Crop Loss Got You Down-The Problem May Be Your Dry Room

One of the worst calls a cannabis cultivator can get is from the state-approved testing laboratory informing that their latest batch of cannabis has failed microbial testing and must be remediated – or even worse – destroyed. After spending months nurturing clones, paying close attention to watering and feeding schedules, and spending thousands on expensive […]

Cannabis Trends: High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract

As the cannabis industry grows, consumer education inevitably evolves and once niche terms become trendy household names. The cannabis consumer is now more health-conscious than ever and consumer product preferences have shifted towards concentrates and vaping. Entering the common cannabis lexicon is the term ‘High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract’ (or HTFSE), particularly in conversation with […]